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Shenzhen Yong Xing Zhan Xing Techonology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Yong Xing Zhan Xing Techonology Co., Ltd. a professional manufacturer specializing in making High-end intelligent PP and PET plastic strapping band production line. Factory Located in Shenzhen China, we own a professional technology team which has almost 20 Years experience. At the meanwhile, we keep learning technology and experience from advanced plastic extrusion country like Germany, Japan and South Korea, and now some of our technologies have surpassed those advanced countries.


What is a mask machine folding machine?

Mask machine folding machine is also known as cotton folding machine. As the name suggests, it is mask folding. What is a mask folding machine? This should not be explained more. It should be known that the mask should be folded and packed.

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