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Single Screw 4 Straps Output PET Strap Making Machine

Short Description:

Model No.:YXPET-120

Special design for consuming 100% shredded PET strap scrap, saving the cost & saving the environment.

High output, low power comsumption. 

Product Detail

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Technical parameters:

Suitable Material: 100% PET bottle flakes or 100% shredded PET strap scrap or both mixed

Strap size: 9-25mm

Grade of finished PP straps: Machine grade & Hand grade

Output: 450KG/h 

SIEMENS PLC, smart & easy operation



Machine application:

Manufacturing all kinds of PET strap and meet heavy materials packing requirement such as: glass, steel, stone, bricks, etc.,it is been a reliable choice for long-distance transportation.

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